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26th January 2020

Superannuation & Investments

There are many challenges for those looking to protect and grow their life savings:

  • Uncertainty and losses incurred from increased volatility in Australian equity markets;
  • Record low cash rates well below minimum pension requirements;
  • Lots of commentary on the sustainability of Australian property values;
  • Accessing alternative investments between “low risk” cash and “high risk” equities;
  • Complexity of pre and post retirement tax strategies – with more changes to superannuation and taxation on the way;
  • For many with a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (“SMSF”) – spending too much time managing their SMSF, rather than making decisions;
  • For many without an SMSF – looking for more control and engagement with their super – but not having the time, desire or capability to do it all themselves.
Stable Financial is not licensed or qualified to provide Superannuation and Investment advice.  However, we enjoy a very good working relationship with Dixon Advisory and others that are specialist, superannuation service providers to ensure that you receive proper Superannuation and Investment advice.

Stable Financial is not an Authorised Representative of Dixon Advisory and does not receive any referral fees.

Stable Financial is proud to introduce Dixon Advisory, one of Australia’s premier SMSF providers, to provide our clients with high quality advice around investments and superannuation strategies.

Dixon Advisory can assist with the challenges clients may be experiencing through:

  • Providing high quality market analysis and insights from their internal Investment Committee – 160+ years collective experience;
  • Developing tailored investment products – not otherwise available in the market;
  • Direct access to specialist, personalised service – dedicated Investment Advisor and Administrator.

We can help you to determine what type of investment is right for you.