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Financial support and information for business – effective 31st March 2020

It’s sobering to think that the Federal Government has to date (during March 2020) initiated stimulus and support measures that total approximately 16% of Australia’s GDP.  State Governments, the Banking Sector and the ATO are also accommodating the need for some cashflow ‘wriggle room’.

The initiatives are mainly designed to encourage collaboration between all of us (employers, employees, banks, government, ATO, landlords, tenants etc.) by using existing systems and technology that are currently in place e.g. the tax system, the banking system.

Although much is intertwined, the 3 key areas are that of employment, cashflow and investment.

Stable Financial are here to help you as much as we can to ensure that you have the right information and can make informed decisions.

Our dedicated team is working very hard to help you understand your cash position and to assist you make very important decisions so that you may survive and prosper into the future.

Adam Tims
Executive Director – Stable Financial

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