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May 22, 2024 5:16 am

Business or Hobby Checklist

Consider these questions:

  • Are you eligible for “primary production” tax concessions?
  • Are your horse expenses tax deductible?
  • Are the proceeds of sale of your stock or progeny taxable?
  • Can you claim back the GST on your horse expenses?
  • Can the losses made from your horse interests be utilised to offset other income?
  • Do you have an existing or potential capital gains tax problem?

Stable Financial have compiled a “Business” or “Hobby” checklist for your action. At first glance the checklist may appear lengthy; however we assure you that you could save valuable time, effort and costs by completing this checklist for our careful consideration. The checklist should be viewed as the starting point in tackling your legal and taxation obligations that may have arisen as a consequence of acquiring and maintaining your horse interests.

Please complete and submit the form below. Upon receipt we will send you our “Business” or “Hobby” checklist. Feel free to complete the checklist at your leisure and we will be happy to provide a free initial appointment to discuss the issues that arise.

Business or Hobby Checklist Application Form

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    Your Business or Hobby Checklist will be sent to you by email.